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M tropical ipa untappd


IBU 42
Style Hazy - New England IPA
Source Seattle, WA
Delivered from Hellbent Brewing Company
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Product Description

According to Urban Dictionary, the shaka (pronounced /ˈSHäkə/) is a Hawaiian hand gesture with many meanings. Originally it means to "hang loose", or to chill and be laid back. If somebody did something good, cool, or righteous, you can give them a shaka as a sign of approval or praise. This tropical IPA is just that - good, cool, and righteous. With a semi-hazy tropical hop IPA as its base we add Hawaiian POG (passionfruit, orange, guava) to give tropical island flavors in every sip. Great whether surfing waves or surfing the couch, as pau hana, or any time you want to taste a tropical hop party! ?????